Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hand Rolled Hem Handkerchiefs DIY

The Purl Bee tells how to make Hand Rolled Hem Handkerchiefs. I have been cutting up old shirt and flannel boxers to make un-hemmed hankies, which is fine. They'd stay nicer longer if I'd hem them though. The Purl Bee says it can take one hour per hankie, though, so we'll see how badly I want to...

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Science and Technology Podcasts Reviewed

The PopSci Podcast

Popular Science magazine editors and writers go "beyond the printed page" to discuss stories featured in the magazine. Lately (since 2.25.2008) it's been Cocktail Party Science, so this is also partly a review of CPS.
my review:
While the editors talk pretty cogently, some writers are surprisingly inarticulate (lots of ummm, ah, y'know...) so the information density (or signal-to-noise ratio) varies widely. The host has an annoying forced laugh, perhaps in an attempt to "keep it light" and non-threatening to science-phobes. Stories are usually quite interesting, but often only marginally important. The writers frequently provide human-interest details about the scientists and technologists they interviewed for the stories.
Information Density:4.0/5
Not annoying:3.5/5
Overall rating:3.2/5

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