Thursday, January 04, 2007

Non-antibacterial hand soap

It's hard to find liquid hand soap that does not contain triclosan, even though states:

An FDA panel has confirmed after numerous studies that the use of antibacterial soap is no better than plain glycerin hand soap to reduce infectious disease. Also, studies have shown that antibacterial soaps may be harmful to you and your family in two ways:
  1. By killing good bacteria – Our skin and intestinal tract are lined by millions of "good" bacteria, which we need to keep the harmful bacteria away. By killing good bacteria, antibacterial soap makes space for the harmful bacteria, possibly weakening our immune system.

  2. By creating drug-resistant “super-bugs” – Antibacterial soaps also can cause bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics, making it more difficult for doctors to treat bacterial infections when they occur.
So lately I've been refillling our soft-soap dispensers with cheap shampoo.

It looks, smells, and works great, and it saves money.

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