Thursday, December 27, 2007

iTunes features wish list

  1. I wish iTunes had an on-off toggle for "Allow simultaneous downloads from the same server." Right now I am subscribed to three podcasts, each with scores of previous shows I want to download. If I click "get all," all the episodes of podcast 1 queue up in the Downloads list, then all the episodes of show 2, ... Then, iTunes downloads episodes from server 1, three at a time, until it's through that list, then moves on to server 2, ... The problem here is that the sending server becomes the bottleneck: I may have plenty of bandwidth to spare, but if the server is lower-bandwidth, it slows me down. Plus, it's just good netizenship not to deluge a single server with multiple requests. I've wasted time in the past manually reordering the Downloads list. What an unecessary pain!

  2. I wish iTunes had tags as well as playlists. This came up around Christmas music: I wanted song sets like: instrumental vs. with vocals, pop, classical, good background music, funny, etc. When adding a new song or album, it would be much simpler to check off a bunch of tag links (as with or Amazon), rather than drag each song to multiple playlists. I think this would be just another way of looking at the same thing (i.e. the underlying data model of playlists is probably a lot like the data model for tags would be), but sometimes it's more natural to open the information window and add tags.

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