Monday, March 06, 2006

Getting floss out from between your teeth

Did you ever get dental floss stuck between your molars? You're flossing your teeth, suddenly you feel the floss fraying. As you try to pull it out from between your molars, the floss breaks, leaving a strand wedged in. I've tried grabbing the frayed end with my fingers, but it's too slippery and breakable. At best, I get a few loose strands out.

Last night I got a strand out with a toothpick.

Using my tongue, I pulled the loose strands away from my teeth. Then I laid the end of the toothpick on the part of my tongue with the floss stuck to it. I rotated the toothpick between my fingers and it started spooling up the floss. When I had wound all the loose floss around the toothpick, I gently tugged and the floss came free! Cool!

I think it helped that I was using a wooden toothpick. It's rough enough to snag the floss and hold it securely enough that a few wraps are enough to overcome the friction of the floss stuck between my teeth.

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